When I witnessed Ardhnareshwar during Amarnath package

When I witnessed Ardhnareshwar during Amarnath package

When I witnessed Ardhnareshwar during Amarnath package

Sometime I feel, why do we descend on Earth? A clear sky with twinkling stars, a yellow hot shining disc called Sun every day, causing day and night, I mean, what is this fuss all about. Why do males get attracted to females, why do the mind keep conceiving new desires very minute and above all, are we puppets as we can’t change the past nor control the future. My mind was embedded with a caboodle of thoughts sucking my energy levels.

Now, I am sure you must have kept me in a bracket of freak or intelligentsia, but when the night is darkest, morning is near. I live in a typical conservative Hindu Brahmin family, my mother is an ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. I have grown up hearing about Shiva, the blue bodied man with trident and a snake in his neck and his folk tales, he was nothing more than a fictional character for me, until this happened.

My father planned to visit the Amarnath cave along with the family, everyone in the family had their own agenda. My mother wanted to see the divine Lingam, a stalagmite formed during summers. Vacation for my father was a breather tour due to his hectic lifestyle. I was happy to see the picturesque landscapes, adventure sports and snowfall, calling me an atheist wouldn’t be wrong. We booked the Amarnath package by helicopter and there we go.

We visited the Amarnath shrine cave, people were iterating the immortal story, on how the Lord himself revealed the secret of immortality to his consort on her wish. As I was heading back, I had an accident, my leg slipped from the rock and was lying somewhere down the valley. I was bleeding and badly hurt, unconscious. A man with a long beard and mustache came around me, pale, but muscular was his personality.

He took me on his lap and I became unconscious and was unconscious for many days. He took care of me, healed my wounds by some Ayurvedic medicines. I came to my normal state after a week and was worried about my family. The old monk told me to leave the cage and go to the west heading towards a lodge where my parents were staying, I could see a densely populated area heading towards Amarnath.

And suddenly I stopped and had a close look at him, he has a half man and half women. Who are you, were my compulsive words and he look calmly at me and said “Ardhnareshwar”. He further said the amalgamation of Shiv and Shakti (the infinity). I was startled, is he really a God or a clown making a Mickey out of me. He opened his mouth and the whole universe was inside him, never ending stars, meteors, planets, black holes, etc.

He was a God, confronting him was a shame. He said” You have so many queries, you call yourself an atheist, but you are singular. Let me answer, don’t ask about the existence, it is all happening for you. Sun comes to dispense energy, moon comes to restore energy. No you are not a puppet, with every action the future changes, but you are trapped with your thought. Show some audacity to experiment, the universe has unlimited probabilities and result. Leave the result to me, do your deeds without any feeling

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